March 1, 2024

vision & mission


To be one of the most impeccable universities, where the graduates can blend theory and practice together.

Mission of UITS

The University of Information Technology & Sciences will endeavor

  • To provide a comprehensive education by fully developing the intellectual and personal strengths of its students while allowing knowledge to become more accessible to the larger community.
  • To explore higher education services in an experiential learning environment, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, scholarly endeavors, and the enhancement of comprehensive knowledge.
  • To impart a flexible and supportive intellectual environment that retains and nurtures scholars, students, and staff of the highest caliber. This environment helps enhance learning and freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression.
  • To generate and disseminate knowledge to strengthen our society and the environment.
  • To support student affiliation and student development with local and international organizations for Project and Research collaboration through the research center.
  • To create new future values by taking on challenging and innovative research.


As the center of excellence and a top-ranking university in Bangladesh, UITS is the brain stem for the modern and post-modern global civilization. None can deny the extraordinary gravitas of the presence of such an abode of knowledge, learning, and research. To uphold the ancient history, culture, religion, and civilization of our country, UITS is imparting world-class knowledge and skills to its thousands of students. The name and fame of the University, so far, has attracted not only the attention of tens of thousands of undergraduate students of Bangladesh, but foreign students as well. The driving spirit of our Chairman behind this great endeavor is “Divine blessings mixed with hard work and backed by good intentions can make miracles”.

Our caravan of knowledge searchers is advancing rapidly with the divine declaration: “Future will be better than thy past”. The vision of the University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS), the first Information Technology (IT) based private university, is the vanguard of all IT universities in Bangladesh. The University is serving as a nonprofit organization and has been accredited by the University Grant Commission of Bangladesh and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh.

The learning process empowers students to take initiative and to engage in integrated and multidimensional ways to address the diverse cultural needs of Bangladesh and the global village. In UITS, we believe that teachers are the facilitators of learning rather than just presenters of information. In order to challenge the needs of learning, UITS has a congenial atmosphere for disseminating knowledge by providing logistical support and infrastructure. The University strives to attract and nurture scholars from national and international universities through excellence in teaching and learning, research and exchange of knowledge, scaffolding future scholars by fostering creativity, tolerance, and responsibility.